Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a Caracaise weigh?

The box weighs about one pound before items are placed inside.


How big is a Caracaise?

It is about the size of a looseleaf piece of paper, approximately 8" x 10" x 1".


Will it fit in my hotel/cruise safe?

Every safe is different, but we know they will fit in Disney Cruise Line safes.


Does Caracaise lock?

No, it does not lock.  It is best to travel with a Caracaise in your possession.  We do not recommend packing it in luggage that will be checked or out of your possession at any time.


Does Caracaise come in other colors?

At this time, Caracaise is available in noir, rose, and violet.


Is Caracaise made in America?

The design, assembly, and interior materials are created in America.  The exterior shell is manufactured in China and shipped to America for assembly.


Is Caracaise only for jewelry?

No, Caracaises can provide storage for many delicate items. We have seen customers use them for antique pens, woodworking tools, seashells and electronics.  The possibilities are, as they say, endless.


Can you monogram it for me?

Yes- we offer vine monograms, which are a scrolled, thin cursive font.  Monograms are available in: gold matte, silver matte, pink glitter, gold glitter, and silver glitter.